How to Get Involved

Here are just three ways you can get involved in the work that we're doing. Do you have a bright idea that isn't covered here? Don't hesitate to connect with us to explore the possibilities.  

Student Behind the Books

Research Program

From time to time, we’ll invite you to participate in research. You might be asked to share your personal experiences, insights about our products, test new designs, or simply complete a survey. We’ll give you all the details, so you can decide each time if you want to get involved.

As a token of our appreciation participants in our research program may be offered benefits including priority to our early access program (EAP) and exclusive events.  

EmpirEqual Partner Program

EmpirEqual is building technology to power innovation and equity in the workplace. Doing it alone is much less enjoyable. If you are interested in joining forces and being a part of our Equity Ecosystem as a business or technology partner please reach out to us!

Similing Team

Join our team

We have big aspirations, a bold mission, and are in search of extraordinary individuals who relish the challenge of building today what science and society  thinks is impossible. We're always looking for people who are bright and passionate about our mission. If you don't see an opening for you, send your resume to

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